13 kwi 2010

1x13 - Love Unexpected

Cate's quickly approaching wedding forces her to confront her feelings for Ryan and Baze; Lux makes a potentially life-changing revelation.

Ben Lee - Love Me Like The World Is Ending
Preparations for the hearing to restore full, permanent custody of Lux to Cate & Baze.

Cliff Hillis - Go Go Go
Lux tries to convince Baze to tell Cate how he feels; Baze's father shows up at the bar.

Jon Cleary - Oh No No No
Lux tells Baze she thinks that Cate is having doubts about marrying Ryan.

(originally by) Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract
Mouth sings during his rehearsal dinner toast.

Rachael Yamagata ft Ray LaMontagne - Duet
The night before the wedding montage; Cate asks Baze if he's in love with her.

The Weepies - Can't Go Back Now
Baze rushes to get to the wedding; Ryan & Cate's wedding ceremony.

4 kwi 2010

1x12 - Father Unfigured

As Cate's wedding approaches, she wants to find the father who abandoned her as a child, so Cate and Lux take a road trip to find him. Meanwhile, Bug's friends trash Baze's bar. In order to give Bug time to fix the damage before Baze finds it, Lux invites Baze on the roadtrip.

Greg Holden - The Chase
Ryan & Cate argue over wedding e-vites on their show; Baze debates whether he should go to the wedding & talks it over with Bug.

Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Cate tries planning her wedding menu while on the roadtrip; repeats as Baze, Lux & Cate sing along to the song on their drive home.

Escape Club - Wild, Wild West
A stop for corn dogs.

Graham Colton - Love Comes Back Around
Lux tells Baze & Cate she's ready for them to offficially be her parents.

1x11 - Storm Weathered

While at a party, Lux sees Jones kiss another girl, which stirs complicated feelings inside her. Lux and Ryan bond when they are stranded at the radio station when a storm hits. Meanwhile, Cate gets stranded at Baze's bar when she goes there looking for Lux.

Brett Dennen - Ain't Gonna Lose You
Kate & Ryan lie in bed while listening to their radio show; Abby move some of her stuff into Baze's room; Cate proposes to Ryan.

Ben Lee - Into The Dark
Lux apologizes to Jones, then he invites her to a party at his place.

Karen Russell - Beautiful
Ryan & Cate discuss plans for their wedding.

Alex Blue - Beauty In Symmetry
Cate shows up for Abby's yoga class & sees Baze there.

Alex Blue - Losing Aggression
Cate confronts Abby & Baze about them sleeping together.

Cliff Hillis - Go Go Go
Lux plays 'Suck & Blow' with Jones & his friends.

Sunflow - I Wish You Love
Cate & Ryan make plans to elope.

Lux sees Jones kissing another girl.

Rose Rossi - Don't Forget That We're In Love
Baze breaks up with Abby by telling her he still has feelings for Cate.

William Fitzsimmons - After Afterall
Baze tells Abby the real reason he can't be with her.

Rosie Thomas - Since You've Been Around
Cate & Lux talk about Baze & Abby.

Greg Holden - Days
Ryan & Cate go to Baze's bar & announce they're getting married in two weeks; Lux makes a toast to Cate & Ryan.

27 mar 2010

1x10 - Family Therapized

Lux's social worker meets with Cate and Baze after Bug and Lux are picked up by the police; Cate tries to find Bug a job at the radio station.

Tegan and Sara - The Cure
Ryan & Cate talk about losing sleep on their radio show.

Elemeno P - Better Days
Lux & Bug discuss their problems, then Cate arrives to talk to Bug about a job opportunity.

Derek James - One More Day
Baze comments on how well Bug is doing at his job; Baze tells Abby that he can't see her anymore; Cate phones Abby for help with Lux.

Julie Peel - Unfold
Cate leaves an envelope for Lux; Cate asks Ryan to talk to Lux, then tells him she's changed.

Rosie Thomas - Kite Song
Baze tells Lux he can be her friend but he'll never stop trying to be her dad.

The Weepies - Add The Effort
Lux tells Cate she doesn't know if she can ever forgive her, then asks if she can move back in; Baze makes a deal with Bug; Cate & Ryan kiss.

20 mar 2010

1x09 - Formal Reformed

Lux gets asked to the Winter Formal by Jones, but when Baze discovers a condom in Lux's room, he goes to the dance to interfere with any plans of sex that Jones may have. As she chaperones the dance, Cate's thoughts drift back to her high school formal, reminding her of the events that occurred the night Lux was conceived.

Mike Doughty - (I Keep On) Rising Up
Ryan & Cate talk about eye contact as Lux rides a bicycle to school.

Daphne Willis - Love & Hate
Cate & Lux go dress shopping.

Matt Nathanson - Still
Lux & Bug kiss; Math asks Cate if she wants to chaperone Lux's winter formal with him.

The Deekompressors - Rock The House
Jones & Lux arrive at the dance and see Math & Cate show up; Baze finds a condom in his apartment.

Miss Eighty 6 ft Alana D - All The Way Up
Math & Cate reminisce about their high school dances; Lux asks Cate why she's at the dance.

Susan Howard - Ballistic
Jones & Lux dance; Cate rehashes her bad memories of high school to Math.

Jupiter Rising - Foolish
Lux sees Cate & Baze arguing; Cate rushes out of the gym.

Joshua James - Lovers Without Love
Bug shows up at the dance with flowers for Lux, and tells her he wants to be there for her; they dance.

MoZella - Thank You
Cate thanks Math for inviting her to the dance, then they dance in the hallway; Baze finds Abbey hanging out at his bar & she confesses to liking him in high school.

The Lost - Save A Place
Cate tells Baze she wants to let go of the past & move forward; Baze apologizes to Cate for who he used to be.

9 mar 2010

1x08 - Bride Unbridled

Cate and Ryan must host a wedding expo, but things become even more awkward when Baze and Math show up to the same event. Meanwhile, Baze solicits help from Jones to cheer up a mopey Lux.

Joe Purdy - Can't Get It Right Today
Cate collects all the stuff that reminds her of Ryan and hides it away; Ryan & Cate argue about sweat pants on the show.

After The Sirens - A Drowning Hymn
Lux & Tash talk on the phone about their exes; Math advises Baze not to go so easy on Lux.

Neon Trees - 1983
Cate & Alice arrive at the Bridal Expo.

Handel - Water Music Suite No. 1: Air
Ashley explains how her fiance proposed to her; Cate & Ryan are called on stage.

Cliff Hillis - So Much To Tell You
Lux asks Jones if he's lost.

The Shaky Hands - Sunburns
Lux comments on how similiar her music tastes are to Jones.

Ken & Beck Rash - On A Day Like Today
Cate tries on wedding dresses as Alice tries to encourage her.

Garrison Starr - Sit With Me Tonight
Jones takes Lux to visit Tash; Ryan offers to help Cate with her dress.

Richmond Sluts - Yeah Allright
Jones drives Lux back to Baze's place.

Twirl - Out On The Town
Ryan apologizes to Baze for overstepping with Lux, then they come to a truce.

Shuyler Fisk - Fall Apart Today
Ryan tells Lux she has three guys who really care about her; a wedding dress is delivered to Cate; Lux tells Jones she wants to start over with him as friends.

2 mar 2010

1x07 - Crisis Unaverted

After learning that Tasha may have to move 3 hours away to a new foster home, Lux decides to help her find her mother who is still in Portland. Baze and Ryan compete in a radio station contest as Cate worries about whether she should tell Ryan the whole truth about sleeping with Baze.

The Weepies - World Spins Madly On
Ryan & Cate argue over the best break-up song; Cate gives Lux rocky road ice cream as they talk about Bug; repeats as Lux moves into Baze's place; Cate binges on ice cream & wine; Baze comforts Lux.

Jr. James and the Late Guitar - Recognize
Baze complains to Jamie & Math about Ryan's treatment of him.

Owen - Ugly On The Inside
Cate asks Baze to drop out of the contest.

Billy Boy On Poison - Saturday's Child
Four hours into the contest.

Joshua James - Crash This Train
Ryan tells Cate their relationship is over; Lux asks Cate to foster Tash.

Sam Hawksley - Come Tomorrow
Baze is granted shared custody of Lux; Lux tells Cate she wasn't there for her.

28 lut 2010

1x06 - Truth Unrevealed

Baze joins Ryan and Cate on "Morning Madness" because of pressure from the station management, but the show does not go as expected. Worried about her boyfriend, Lux asks the high school quarterback to not press charges against him.

Matt Hires - O Sunrise
Cate wake up, then runs into Baze in her bathroom.

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Relator
Ryan & Cate's callers question them about their lives; Jamie encourages Baze to hit on a woman at a coffee shop.

Ashbury - Your Move
Bug drops Lux off at school.

The Starlight Mints - Black Champagne
Baze joins Cate & Ryan on their radio show; Lux tells Bug about Jones' deal as he gives her a ride to school.

Mike Doughty - I Just Want The Girl In The Blue Dress
Baze takes Trina back to his place, then Cate walks in on them making out.

Trent Dabbs & Amy Stroup - Odds Of Being Alone
Lux tells Bug where she took Jones; Cate confesses to Ryan that she kissed Baze; Bug tells Lux that she shouldn't be with him.

Joshua Radin - One Of Those Days
Cate announces she & Ryan will be getting married on June 26th; Jamie invites Baze to a poker game as Baze hears Cate's announcement; Jones tries to give Lux a necklace; Lux tells Cate that Bug left.

16 lut 2010

1x05 - Turtle Undefeated

Lux volunteers to host a party at Baze's loft, hoping to become more accepted by the students at her new school. Cate sees that Lux and Baze have made an great connection and she worries that she will never have a similar relationship with Lux.

Matt Nathanson - To The Beat Of Our Noisy Hearts
Lux is teased at school as she goes to meet Bug.

The Upsidedown - Blackeye Liner
Lux counts down the guy's churro eating contest; Baze suggests Lux befriend Jones the quarterback.

Right The Stars - We Got It All
Ryan & Cate are asked about their relationship on the radio.

Ashbury - Your Move
Baze asks his friends for events at the bar.

Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes
Baze & his friends get ready for the turtles races.

The High Violets - Cool Green
Lux's schoolmates arrive at Baze's loft.

The Shaky Hands - Caught In The Storm
Lux asks Baze for the storeroom keys; Cate & Alice stop by Baze's bar.

Lux & friends play beer pong as Tash & Bug arrive.

Corey TuT - So What
Lux tries to explain things to Tash & Bug.

These United States - I Want You To Keep Everything
Turtle races.

Ocha la Rocha - Occam's Razor
Cate is invited to play beer pong; Baze tries to get more customers.

The Upsidedown - Number Twenty Nine
Bolt wins the turtle race.

Peter Bradley Adams - Family Name
Cate tells Lux she arranged for Bug's bail; Baze's dad stop by the bar for a beer.

9 lut 2010

1x04 - Bong Intercepted

Cate tries to get Lux’s principal to drop her suspension, but only seems to cause her more problems. Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan hold a radio station event at a competing bar across the street from Baze.

Ben Lee - Sing
Ryan & Cate talk about women in their 30's on their radio show; Baze & Jamie discuss the bar & it's money troubles.

Eames Era - When You Were a Millionaire
Ryan helps Cate shop for an outfit, then they make out in a change room.

Dirtminers - American Typewriter
Baze shows his friends his Craigslist ad.

The Upsidedown - Airplane Eyes
Cate asks Baze about Lux; Drink-A-Date; Ryan tells Baze to start acting like a father.

The Upsidedown - Pepper Spray
Lux confronts Cate about the file.

Rosie Thomas - Kite Song
Cate tells Lux that things aren't working & she's being the best mom she can be.

Jenny Owen Youngs - Here Is A Heart
Lux reads the rest of her letter to Math; Baze drops off the bong lamp & money for Lux; Ryan & Cate arrive home to find Lux asleep in her room.